The DreamFoam Bedding Budget Saver is a great way to get a quality mattress at an unbeatable price. This mattress has a coil system that is built for an adult to sleep on it every night, but an ideal mattress for a guest room or children. You can get a quality mattress for DreamFoam Bedding for the entry level price of your local retail store. The core of this mattress features a Bonnell coil. This coil offers great support and durability. The Budget Saver comes in two different comfort levels. It comes in the plush model and firm model. The DreamFoam Bedding Budget Saver plush is a mattress that will feature a middle of the road comfort feel. It will be a bed that is a not to firm and not to soft feel. The Budget Saver firm is going to have a little softness to the top, but not a lot of give to underneath when you lay on the mattress.

Product Features

  • 9″ Thick Firm Model
  • Bonnell Coil
  • Great bed for guest room!
  • Great bed for Kids!

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