Bunk bed plans to build a triple bunk bed, which holds three twin size mattresses. This 20+ page comprehensive plan explains how to select lumber, cut, sand, drill, apply finish and assemble a beautiful wooden bunk bed that is as solid and sturdy as those built by Bunk Beds Unlimited. It comes with a store-ready quick shopping list so that you can head right out and purchase the materials you need to get started. This plan makes use of widely available of-the-shelf lumber and materials. You can build it even if you have little or no woodworking experience using a circular saw, an electric drill, a power sander and a few hand tools. It is a great first woodworking project or family project. This plan covers construction of the triple bunk bed. This triple bunk bed measures 75 inches tall, by 42″ wide, by 81″ long and sleeps three in a room with 8 foot ceilings. The headroom space in each bunk is approximately as follows: upper bunk mattress to ceiling 28 – 29″, middle bunk mattress to bunkie board on top bunk 20 – 21″, lower bunk 18 – 19″ (*please note that use of very thick or pillow top mattresses is not recommended with any bunk beds). The finished bed will stand up to daily use for many years and continue to look nice. Many of the beds we have manufactured have been in daily use in hotels, camps, shelters and other institutions for 15 years or more, supporting adult weight and still look great.

Product Features

  • (Not a Bed) Woodworking Plans To Build Your Own Beds
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Complete Optional Hardware Kit (Lumber not Included)
  • Materials Shopping List Included
  • Build a Solid Very Sturdy and Good Looking Bed

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