Why buy the TireTek Premium 12V Cigarette Lighter Socket Extension Cord:

AN EXTRA LONG 15′ EXTENSION CORD – Perfect for extending your power source to where its needed. An ideal camping companion or to power various car / household appliances.

FEATURES A DURABLE 14 AWG CORD – For added strength, safety and reliability.

BUILT WITH A 20 AMP INLINE SAFETY FUSE – Allowing the cord to be used on a large range of appliances.

REINFORCED MALE PLUG AND FEMALE SOCKET – TireTek products are built to last.

INTEGRATED POWER INDICATOR LIGHT – To give you a visual power indication at night or in poor light.

Why TireTek?

TireTek is an automotive accessories brand specializing in high quality products that customers can rely upon, year after year.

What our customers say:

‘I got so fed up with my kids over-stretching and breaking the cords on their cell pone chargers as my car only has one power socket in the front. The TireTek 12v socket extender solved the problem and is super-handy when using the car cleaner too!’

‘We love having the extra space the extension cord provides to fill our raft and blow up mattresses when we go camping, instead of trying to squash them up right by the car every time.’

What’s more, when you click the ‘Add To Cart’ button today, you’ll benefit from our cast iron LIFETIME PRODUCT WARRANTY – so relax, we’ve got you covered!

Product Features

  • HEAVY DUTY AUTO POWER CORD – with a 20 amp fuse and a 14 AWG gauge wire specification, you will always have the convenience of power where you need it without the risk of overheating, common with lighter AWG cords.
  • THIS PREMIUM QUALITY – male to female adapter cable plugs straight into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket, easily extending your 12 volt power source when travelling.
  • FEATURING AN EASY TO USE – male plug with power indicator light, an in-line safety fuse, a metal reinforced female socket and heavy-grade wire for reliable performance year after year.
  • A SUPER-HANDY – 15′ car outlet extender for cell phone / tablet chargers and power inverters. Perfect for heated blankets, inflators, lights, coolers, RV & other camping equipment.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – when you ‘Add To Cart’ today, you will benefit from the peace of mind provided by our industry-leading, no quibble Lifetime Warranty.

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