– Hottest Lighting item of the Year (Home Decor and Bikes Lighting):

Ultra bright rich bulb color, low temperature energy saving. Application for parties, wedding, bedroom, garden, decoration. Suitable for crafts, clothing and gifts.


• Name: Silver Wire Micro LED String Lights

• LED Color: Warm White

• Number of Bulbs: 20

• Wire Color: Silver Color

• Wire Material: Copper Wire Silver Coated

• Wire Diameter: 4 mm. (0.15″)

• Wire Length: 2 meters (6.56 ft)

• Bulb Distance: 10 cm. (3.93″)

• Luminosity: 360° sparkle

• Power Source: 3 x AA batteries- (not included).

• IP: IP-65

• Waterproof (except battery holder)

• On / Off power switch

• Wire: Ultra-thin soft wire hard to break, easily bended, suitable for any shape design.

• When used with new batteries they last for 48 hours if not turned off

Plastic battery holder.

To open battery holder:

1. Press to slide the top to one side. (Please see photo above, or at www.qualizzi.com)

2. Turn on switch. Turn off when not in use.

3. Remove batteries when you plan not to use the set for a period of time


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Product Features

  • Being battery powered, they also provide the easiness of installing it on events like weddings to enhance the flower bouquets, tables, and ceilings. They are great for holiday lightning like for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, Mardi Gras, custom parties, fourth of July, you name it! Your home decoration will become alive when you add the led silver wires on forgotten corners of your home. If you are an imaginative person, you will be able to make beautiful crafts.
  • The Waterproof LED Silver Wire Strings can be used outdoors for decorating patios, pools and gardens. The light wire can be submerged but we don’t recommend to stay underwater too long. LEDs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • These battery operated starry lights are so light in weight that are portable to anywhere you want. Thus suitable for use when you go trekking, stay on campings or travel. Is great to use in sports to light your jacket, your bicycle, helmets, so other vehicles can see you on the road. They are Hot now as illuminating devices for the wheels and other elements of bicycles. They add extra safety when you go on your bike, lets everybody see you, without blinding other vehicles with excesive lighting.
  • The Copper Wire strings coated with SILVER, 3mm in diameter and 7ft total length, make them look as a jewel at short distance. At some distance the silver strings turn invisible when the micro LEDs are turned on. There is a distance of 4″ in between the 20 LEDs strung on the bendable wire easy to wrapp around objects. Color of bulbs is Warm-White, however they are very bright micro LEDs, as th clear bulb covers create a sparkling glow. Do not expect them to be like the incandescent ones they are not the same thing.
  • Battery Powered strings of lights. Operated by three AA Batteries (Not Included) inside a small transparent plastic holder with On/Off switch. Battery pack dimensions: 2″ x 2-3/4″ x 3/4″. Please see instructions in photos above and inside the packge to open the battery holder. It is not waterproof and it is fragil. It will break if it drops to the floor. So handle with care. Batteries last aroung 48 Hours when you use them 24/7 without stopping them. Average battery life is 120 hours (approximately 5 days) if used with breaks.

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