Signature Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Full

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Signature Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Full

The Memoir memory foam mattress by Signature Sleep allows you to enjoy a peaceful sleep, night after night. This memory foam is not too firm, and not too soft, but just right to adapt to the curvatures of the spine and lumbar area making it perfect.

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travisty says:

seriously buy this one so i have only had the mattress for a day, so i will put in some updates later, but i just wanted to put in my review quickly in case someone was as skeptical as i was about buying a $200 mattress. This mattress seriously impressed my wife and I, we were thinking “well its probably worth the $200 gamble”, and holy crap it really is!The mattress came rolled up in a nice bag with an arm strap, in about a 5 foot long cylinder (i will post pics), and weighed only about 45 lbs. I had it delivered to my work and had no problem getting it into our mid sized sedan to take it home. Once we cut it open and unrolled it it started to inflate pretty quickly, and within about 4 hours it was to the full 8″, though we decided to give it a full day just because we didn’t plan sleep on it that night anyway. We did not notice any smell, despite other reviews with the concern, other than when you burry your nose in it.We have always used standard spring mattresses and over the years i have owned crappy and extremely nice mattresses, but never a memory foam one. Honestly i have always disliked memory foam because i feel like i sink in and cant move around or get out of my little ditch, so that was another reason i was hesitant to purchase this particular mattress.The memory foam on this is a bit harder than most i have tested out, and that is actually one of the things i really like about it, and though it doesnt hold your indents as long as most “name brand” memory foam, it is undoubtedly the same type of product (other reviews of similar mattresses have claimed that they were just a dense standard foam) I have very severe back and neck issues, and honestly if i could afford a $2000 mattress i could certainly justify the expense, and although i have not had enough nights on this one yet, i can say that it has felt better on my back than any other mattress i have owned including a very nice “Posture Pedic” that my wife and i had a year ago.We were in the market for a mattress, and looking online i felt like the time i realized that i was an idiot for ever buying HDMI cables anywhere other than the internet. These mattress stores are just highway robbery compared to most online prices even for identical products. But then when i saw the selection of similar mattresses to this one on amazon i knew i had to give it a try, and if it sucked we planned to throw it into a guest room or something.We paid around $200 for the mattress, and even though i live in a remote city in AK, my Prime membership still provided me with free shipping for such a large item! I would highly recommend this bed to anyone, and have already been spreading word to friends and co-workers. Is it the nicest mattress i have ever tried out? No certainly not, but the price is insane, unbelievable really, i half expected to get and airbed or something, with the fine-print of my purchase highlighting that I’m a sucker, but what i got was a seriously good mattress at a crazy sweet deal!Also thought id mention that we chose this one over the similar products on Amazon because it seemed to have the most consistent reviews, and realistic description, and i hope that mine has helped to add to that.

K. Owings says:

Simply wonderful! I’m finally getting a good night’s rest. I was looking to replace an old and very expensive mattress. Not wanting to spend another $1200, I decided to take a chance and buy this bed. I’m so glad I did!This bed is so comfortable and supportive, which is very important if you have lower back problems, as I do. I’ve had trouble with memory foam in the past; some beds were too soft and offered no support, while other were too hard, and it was like sleeping on a rock. This foam seems to have just the right density – not too hard, not too soft.The bed was heavier than I expected, and was a bit difficult to get into the house on my own. It arrived packed like an enormous bedroll with all of the air sucked out. It weighed about 40 pounds and was about 6ft long. I used a hand truck to get it into the house. I managed to hoist it onto the bedframe, removed the canvas, and then cut off the plastic wrapping. Then I unrolled the bed and waited for the mattress to inflate.The tags warned that it might take 24 hours to fully inflate, and that the foam might have a slight scent, and might need to be aired-out for a few days. I was a bit alarmed by the latter warning. I suffer from periodic migraines, and have an extreme sensitivity to chemical scents, so as a precaution I opened both my bedroom windows, and turned on a fan to air-out the room. In the end, it really wasn’t necessary, as the foam scent was barely discernible. Better still, it didn’t take 24 hours for the bed to inflate. My bed had expanded to 6 inches within just two hours and had expanded to its full 8 inches within six hours. I was able to sleep on the mattress, without any problems, later that same day. I enjoyed the first sound sleep I’d had in months. It was so comfortable I didn’t want to get up the next morning.UPDATE: 1/20/2013 – I love this mattress so much, I’m buying my mother one for her birthday.

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