OpusDivine premium comfortable noiseless waterproof hypoallergenic mattress protector for safe sleeping on your bed. QUEEN size.

If calm and safe sleep for you and your dearest is what you want.
If a high quality product on which you can rely is what you want.
If a serious long-term full protection for your mattress is what you want.

You’re at the right place!!

Our unique mattress protector membrane weaves together waterproof and breathable materials to ensure that your bed stays covered from permanent tainting and your mattress stays covered under warranty.

When allergies, asthma or eczema irritate, it’s important to sleep close to our comfortable, cotton terry cloth, hypoallergenic solution. Now, you can stay waterproof, dustproof & allergy-proof with a healthy protector, on a comfortable bed, in a happy home.

– Anti-Liquid, Pro-Air: Breathable, waterproof vinyl free solution.
– Impermeable: Defense against all moistures and odors, natural or artificial.
– Comfortable: Soft cover combines 80% cotton and 20% terry cloth.
– Healthy: Safe sleeping for those who suffer from allergy, asthma or eczema.
– Easy-to-Use: Machine washable, tumble dryable.
– Fitted To Your Mattress: Queen size premium mattress protector 60″ x 80″, up to 18″ deep.
– Protection That Is Protected: OpusDivine mattress cover is protected by a 10-year warranty.

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Product Features

  • PREMIUM MATTRESS PROTECTOR carefully engineered to defend you, your bed and your home against fluids, dust mites and bacteria. Our technology is 100% waterproof and thus spills and body fluids don’t harm or stain your mattress. This protector will make your expensive mattress last much longer while protecting you from microbes of all kind.
  • GET A GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP with this wonderful comfortable and breathable mattress cover. Sleep surface cover combines 80% Cotton and 20% Terry Cloth for amazing breathability and softness. The product is extremely soft to the touch while remaining strong and durable. The protector is suitable for babies, children and for adults as well. It’s vinyl free and completely noiseless.
  • IMPERMEABLE SURFACE WON’T LET DUST MITES, ODORS & LIQUIDS HARM YOUR MATTRESS. Natural and artificial smells just can’t get in, keeping your mattress fresh and inviting for years to come. This premium mattress protector is fitted to your Queen Size Mattress 60″ x 80″, up to 18″ deep.
  • IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH thanks to the hypoallergenic impermeable covering that won’t allow allergens. Your allergies, asthma, and eczema all improve once you purchase and start using this cover. Dust mites can no longer soil your mattress – and that’s where 90% of allergies come from!
  • ROCK SOLID 10 YEAR WARRANTY ensures this is your best purchase for a premium mattress protector. We GUARANTEE you will be 100% satisfied with our product!! Many people are buying them for every bed in their home. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we still have them in stock!! It’s a great choice for thoughtful gift to any friend, co-worker or relative, no age limited. GET THE SAFE & CALM SLEEP THAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DESERVE!!

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