JONDEY presents mothers with a most luxurious crib mattress protector.

JONDEY’s Crib mattress covers are made with 100% premium Tencel® fibers derived from organic eucalyptus wood pulp cellulose.

JONDEY’s innovative TENCEL© waterproof crib mattress cover is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. It is uniquely fashioned from 100% natural eucalyptus based fiber that is eco-friendly, non toxic and Naturally Hypoallergenic. Due to the smooth structure of the TENCEL® fibers, materials are particularly silky and gentle on the skin. Bacteria do not stand a chance with TENCEL® fibers, the perfect moisture management of these cellulosic fibers are responsible for the reduced bacteria growth.

Our mattress cover has an advanced TPU membrane that will prevent dust mites, bacteria, mold, liquid & stains from passing through. It also has an elastic all around so won’t slip off or bunch together (no, that does not mean that you’ll need to fight it on).
It is ultra-soft & quiet, no noisy crinkling sounds as old-style plasticy protectors, and is breathable so your baby can have a cool dry sleep.

Our mattress cover is available in jacquard-quilted or jacquard-only, assuring it’s cushioned and comfy for your little one.

Your sweetie pie deserves it.

So go ahead and click with confidence the “add to cart button”, knowing your little one will be surrounded in luxury.

Size: 52 x 28 x 9 in. (standard crib mattress).

Product Features

  • LUXURIOUS ULTRA SOFT & CUSHIONED ORGANIC TENCEL®: Our pad is made of natural eucalyptus fiber, that is Jacquard, Quilted & Waterproof to provide utmost comfort and smoothness for your little one. Your baby & therefore you will love it.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & SAFE: Tencel® is a natural fiber & Eco friendly our mattress pads are also free of any toxins as PVC, vinyl, Phthalate or BPA.
  • BREATHABLE: Your little one will experience a cool & dry sleep. Our Tencel® & waterproof membrane combination will wick liquid away from your baby while protecting your mattress & ensuring air circulation for a sweat free sleep.
  • QUIT & SOFT: Special soft noiseless membrane that Protects against leaky bottles, diapers, saliva & spit-ups.
  • BARRIER & PROTECTION: Prevents dust mites, bacteria, mold, liquid & stains from passing through.

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