****ATTENTION: PLEASE BE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR BED WHERE THE SLATS WILL GO PRIOR TO PURCHASE TO ENSURE THAT THESE BED SLATS WILL FIT. THEY ARE 39 INCHES WIDE.**** Neon Rainbow zebra print fabric roll on wood bed slats for added support. This is new in our stock! This twin size bunkie board / bed support eliminates the need for a link spring! It provides support so that you can use a regular mattress on a twin size bed rather than having to use a specific day bed mattress or box spring. This lays below the mattress on the bed frame. The slats are 2 3/4″ wide and are 2 3/4″ apart from one another.
They feature custom wide rolled rainbow zebra print faux fur fabric down the center that hold the boards together. This bunkie board fits a regular sized twin bed. Please measure your bed before you purchase to assure that this bunkie board will fit your bed.
Note: there is approximately 3″ of wood exposed on each side of the fabric.

Product Features

  • Eliminates the need for a link spring
  • Twin Size
  • The slats are 2 3/4″ wide
  • 2 3/4″ apart from one another.

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