Sick of Those Restless, Sleep-Deprived Nights, Derived From Overused or Naturally Uncomfortable Pillows?

Maximize your comfort by upgrading the most important piece in your sleeping environment – your pillow.

Sleep better with My Humble Abode’s luxury-style memory foam pillow, firm w/ an ultra soft cover, designed with an ergonomic contour mold for optimal neck support for back & side sleepers alike.

Order My Humble Abode’s Memory Foam Pilow Today and Experience…

– Luxurious Comfort with our Firm Memory Foam Pillow and Ultra Soft Cover
– Promotion of Proper Alignment & Enhanced Neck Support
– Embracement of Both Back & Side Sleeper Habits
– An Ergonomic, Molded Contour Design for Optimal Relaxtion & Relief

Accompanied with Our 40% Bamboo Fiber / 60% Polyester Pillow Cover Featuring…

– Optimal Breathability & Ventilation for a Naturally Cooler Slumber
– Natural Deoderization & Anti-bacterial Material
– Machine Washable
– Green & Biodegradable Material

Note: This is a NEW addition with limited-time pricing and a limited quantity. At any time we may run out of stock or the price may increase.

Act Now to Claim Today’s Limited-Time Price and Save!

Click “Add to Cart” Now & Upgrade to Luxury-Style Comfort! – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

30 Day, Money Back Guarantee. No Questions. No Gimmicks.

Product Features

  • Memory Foam Pillow – Firm with an Ultra Soft Cover, Luxury-Style Comfort
  • Ergonomic, Molded Contour Design: Promotes Proper Neck Support for Both Side & Back Sleepers
  • Lie Down for 30 Seconds, Let our Memory Foam Pillow go to Work, and Feel the Magic
  • 40% Bamboo Fiber / 60% Polyester Pillow Cover for a Naturally Ventilated, Cooler Slumber
  • Standard Size – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! – by My Humble Abode TM

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