HOFISH Memory Foam Mattress Topper+Removable and Washable Fitted Topper Cover

Size Available for Gel Memory Foam :
Twin : 39″*75″*3″
Twin XL:39″*80″*3″

Package included:Matress Topper + Mattress Protector Cover

Product Feature
Colours :Blue for topper and White for topper cover
Pack Size:One memory foam topper + topper cover
Washing Instructions:Machine washable
Drying Instructions:Tumble dry on a low heat setting
Filling:Memory Foam
Bedding Type;Mattress Toppers

About Mattress Topper

Improving the quality of your sleep by using HOFISH memory foam mattress topper.The Memory foam is soft and molds perfectly around your body which removes uncomfortable pressure that you can feel while laying on a regular mattress without a topper.With Ventilated design,HOFISH mattress topper will provide a more comforable sleep climate.
In addition,the Gel memory foam really helps to reduce the heat retention so you won’t wake up sweaty in the monrning.Try HOFISH gel memory foam topper to get a more comfortable sleep ,instead tossing and turning all night.

About Mattress Topper Cover

Our machine washable mattress topper cover is designed to totally enclose your mattress with elastic band sewn for convenience and is available
This Cover is the perfect way to bring soft and luxurious comfort to any mattress and protects your mattress and adds an extra layer of comfort also protects the mattress from dust, dander, and moisture
Bring warm and soft protection to your bed,also protects the mattress from dust, dander, and moisture.
Give your bedding extra protection from allergens and dander while helping to extend its lifespan with the Comfort Revolution topper cover.

Product Features

    Luxurious soft & breathable hypoallergenic cover add extra comfort and cooling for the topper
    Memory foam which is infused with gel works really well when it comes to heat retention.For hot sleepers,the topper will have kinda of warm feeling. Adding a cooling sheet or reducing the room temperature could minimise the warm feeling.
    Special memory foam formula is extremely soft, airy and responsive,which enhance the comfort and quality of your sleep.● Ventilated design improves airflow for a more comfortable sleep climate
    Our mattress toppers are efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door
    The topper was thoroughly tested and it is safe to use in your home. No dangerous chemicals were involved in the process of making this product so it is environmentally safe

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