We’ve learned a lot from our 12 years of experience in the air mattress industry, and we think we have it figured it out. We know what people look for in an airbed, things like comfort, durability, and easy storage. We also know what people don’t want, things like leaky valves, lumpy surfaces, and stretchy vinyl. We’ve worked out these bugs and created what we feel is the best airbed on the market, all while keeping the price low for you. Whether you need a guest bed or are planning your next road trip, this bed is what you are looking for. Alternate Pinch Valve-No electricity? No problem! The pinch valve gives you another way to fill your air bed, making it versatile enough for any adventure. Accurate measurements-No one likes to order a twin- or queen-sized air bed only to find that the manufacturer has shaved off an inch or two to save on materials. With our air mattresses, that’s not the case. The dimensions you see online are exactly the size your mattress will be. Storage Bag-Large enough to easily stuff your deflated air bed into, small enough to carry around easily, this bag is great for travel and storage.

Product Features

  • Air Bed Skirt-Attached to the bamboo cover is a stylish bed skirt that hangs to the floor, which is more of a fashion statement than naked vinyl. Your guests will forget they are sleeping on an air bed.
  • Coil Beam Construction-Our coil beam design provides industry-standard comfort while enhancing durability. Air Beds can exceed their weight capacity of 600 lbs. on the queen and 300 lbs. on the twin air bed.
  • Nylon Laminate Reinforced-Our vinyl air beds are encased in a layer of nylon laminate, which increases our air mattresses’ durability by 40 percent and keeps the them from stretching.
  • High Output, Two-way Pump-The built in, high powered pump fills our air mattress in no time. You can use the pump to deflate the mattress, removing air for compact storage.

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