Product Specifications
Size: 58.5 cm * 32 cm * 11 cm * 8 cm
Weight: 900 g
Pillow Cover Material: Velvet (cotton 75%, polyester 25%); inner cover: 100% polyester; Pillow Body Material: polyether type polyurethane 100%.
Washing: Easy to remove the pillow cover, wash on gentle/hand-wash,Please do not wash the pillow body.

According to the information, 90% of people have cervical problems, you need a more professional pillow!
You are using a long-term computer (more than 3 hours a day), the neck’s blood circulation is not clean.
(Teachers, students, etc.) the title of the desk for a long time, the spine will be refracted.
We drive a long time the car, cervical and other joints in a tension state, the risk of Cervical spondylosis.
Use this pillow to give you a comfortable experience, the wavy design gives your shoulders gentle support, will eliminate headaches and other trouble, giving you a healthy sleep.

Product Features

  • ESEOE 100% MEMORY PILLOW WITHOUT DEFORMATION–Memory foam maintains your desired shape throughout the entire night, giving your head proper support, and the shape will ‘pop up’ once you sit up. The foam allows your neck and shoulder muscles to relax, which can help you have a nice sleep.
  • HELP YOU GET THE RIGHT SLEEP POSTURE–It uses ergonomic design, low spring rate can help reduce your burden from the body, head, neck,which keep your sleeping posture in a supported and ideal position.
  • KEEP YOU AWAY FROM MITES AND BACTERIA– This pillow is a natural antibacterial and is resistant to allergens such as mold, dust mite and other bacteria. It is completely odorless,suitable for sensitive skin groups.Compare with similar items.Super soft removable housing: velvet (75% cotton, 25% polyester); pillow body: Polyether 100% polyurethane.
  • PROVIDE YOU A COMFORTABLE SLEEPING WITHOUT IMPACT FORCE– Pillows in the above feeling like floating on the water or clouds, the skin feels no pressure. Breathable moisture. Because each unit is interconnected, good hygroscopicity and good air permeability.
  • What you Get:1*Memory foam pillow (58.5cm*32cm*11cm・8cm)our worry-free 180-day warranty and friendly customer service.If you have any problems or are not satisfied with the product, please contact us and we will solve the problem in the shortest time.

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