A Communication Between Dogs and Masters

Dogs: Mammy, It has been snowing for three days. I feel so cold, when I see that the snow is laying thick on the ground.
Mammy: Luke, you got a lot of hair on body. Couldn’t it be a big warm coat?
Dogs: Mammy. Although I have thick hair, I still can’t resisit the cold weather in the evening. And actually there is not very thick hair on my stomach, it is very easy to catch a cold. If I get sick, mammy need to spend money on seeing a doctor for me and I would also suffer a lot.
Mammy: So what do you want me to do?
Dogs: I just know that Lily got a beautiful blanket. It seems that the blanket is so soft and comfortable.
Mammy: Well, and then?
Dogs: These blankets are of great use! Firstly, this blanket can be put on my body at anytime; Secondly, it can be flatted on the floor to be a mat, also can be laid on my bed, mammy you just need to wash the blanket not my bed; Thirdly, it can be a bath towel after the shower.
Mammy: Well, that sounds not bad.
Dogs: More importantly, the blanket can be reused, very pratical not expensive; And the material is double-sided fleece, which is soft and warm, also feel very comfortable.
Mammy: How do you know that? Have you try that?
Dogs: Yeah! And I also know that they buy the blanket from Comsmart on Amazon.
Mammy: I will buy it for you later.
Dogs: Thanks, mammy. Love you…..

Material: Fleece
Color: White/Grey/Black/Blue/Brown
Applicable Pets: Dogs, Cats and Small Pets
Size: 24×28 Inches
Weight: 2.55 oz

Package Content
1 * 5 Pack Dog Cat Fleece Blankets – White/Grey/Brown/Blue/Black

Product Features

  • An ideal bedding for pet carriers, beds and nest; Also perfect for sofa or car seats to stop from scratching or shedding.
  • Suitable for every season and many situations, such as warm blanket, mat pad, bath towel, picnic blanket and so on.
  • Made by double-sided fleece material, not so heavy but in good warmth, also ultra soft with comfortable touching.
  • Cute blanket with paw print; 5 pack of the white, grey, brown, blue and black one, you can change anytime as you like.
  • The size is 24×28 Inches, which is not too big or too small for your pets, such as kitties, puppies and many other small animals. Just the right size.

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