Be safe. With this hook on ladder, no one needs to jump in or out of bed.Blantex sells a number of heavy-duty steel bunk beds, including an army-style bunk bed and an institutional bunk bed that’s common in summer camps. However, the beds are fairly frill-free, with an extremely straightforward steel frame and galvanized link spring planks. Enter the Blantex hook-on ladder, which offers easy access to the top bunk so that soldiers, campers, and other users don?t’ have to jump in or out of bed. The ladder installs easily, with a pair of steel hooks along the top that angle over the bed’s edge.

About Blantex
Blantex, Inc., is the exclusive importer of the full line of Blaco Export heavy-duty steel folding cots, beds, stools, chairs, bunk beds, and more. Based in Mexico, Blaco Export boasts 40 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing superior camping, home, and special-needs steel tubular furniture. Because Blantex is located in close proximity to the Blaco Export factory, the company can respond to emergency situations extremely quickly. Blantex was among the first to help during such disasters as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

Product Features

  • Tubular Steel Ladder hooks onto 1-1/2″ Angle Iron Frame without tools
  • Works with all 1-1/2″ AngleIron Framed Blantex Bunk Beds
  • No tools need, just hooks on
  • Pair of steel hooks attach over the bunk bed’s edge

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