Product Description

Certified and scientifically tested, The Bedbug Solution Zippered Mattress and Boxspring encasings are the perfect way to protect your investment. The patent-pending tape closure Bugstop Seal prevents bedbugs from getting into or out of the encasings when the zipper is properly closed. Features a urethane barrier that bedbugs cannot bite through or feed through. The covers are air breathable for a more comfortable and cooler night’s sleep. Because the same material is used for the entire cover, your mattress and boxspring have complete protection from bedbugs and the covers are waterproof and dust allergen proof.

  • Dimensions: 16″ Depth
  • Care Instructions: machine wash warm, tumble dry low
  • Material: 100% stretch knit polyester with urethane barrier
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Details: Waterproof, Certified Bedbug Proof
  • Manufactured by Bargoose

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