Condition: 100% brand new and high quality
Color : Blue
Size : 43cm*43cm / approx. 16.93 * 16.93 in
Maximum bearing capacity: 110 kg
Packing List: 1x air cushion, 1x pump

Using Method
1. Connect inflation tube to air tap, push against inner safety pad, then can be blown up or bled air
2. Can use inflated ball, pump, inflator to blow up.

1. Inflation requirement: inflating volume reaches 80% is suitable, which can extend service life. when inflated with a pneumatic pump, pay attention to pressure control, don`t exceed the maximum pressure.

2. Wash with mild detergents to clean the air cushion direct surface to dry.

3. Prevent sharp objects hurt airbags.

4. Keep clean in dry and ventilated place after using up, pay attention to moisture.
5. For locations has small temperature difference, the air cushion can be pumped directly, but it can be used after first inflation 8 hours later(better 12 hours)

6. For locations has a big temperature difference such as winter, do not pump immediately, it should be placed in the temperate condition for 10 hours and the material become soft, then pump it, in case material become hard for low temperature and accidental damage under external force.

7. It is a normal phenomenon inflatable products may be lax when inflated for the first time. As material of air chamber is a little elastic, it would become swollen and soft. Just blow up again will reach expected effect, don`t exceed the maximum pressure!

Product Features

  • 1. Suitable for patients and bedridden patients. It can prevent bedsore efficiently through releasin
  • 2. The cushion can be put under corresponding parts after being inflated as different need of patien
  • 3. Evenly distributes weight across surface. Durable material prevents leaking air. Much more comfortable than gel or foam. Constructed from lightweight material. Easy to fold and carry around with you. Helps take the pressure off when sitting. Fits almost any structure large or small.
  • 4. It is soft, comfortable, light, easy to carry, convenient to operate, eco-friendly material;
  • 5.RELIEVES PRESSURE : Waffle Cushion comfortably relieves pressure from stressed out muscle due to injury or seating pressure.

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