Why Choose Allisandro?
1.Made with high quality materials that can be used for babies. Suppliers certified by Disney Quality warranty.
2. A Pet-loving company that cares how your pet feels.
3. Stylish design that your pet will love.
4. Responsive after-sale service. Please contact us for help anytime.

Allisandro Specification
3. Dimensions:31×23″,0.31 Pound;39×31″,0.52 Pound;59×39″,1 Pound;78×59″,2 Pound

Allisandro Package Content
1.Blanket x 1
2.Gift Card x 1
3.Package Bag x 1

Allisandro Concept
To care for our pets like we care for our babies, to make pet supplies the same quality as baby products.
We aims to make our family member a cozy living.

Allisandro History
In the past year ,Allisandro worked diligently to improve the quality of our blankets. 

Our first blanket has been launched in May 2016 and increased the thickness in September.
We upgraded the edges of our blanket to prolong its usage In December 2016 and found the best raw materials for the baby blankets in February 2017.

In the next seven months,we put our full strength into designing, proofing, and producing…all our efforts lead us to finally provide you the last brand new blanket.
The new features include:
New colors- blending in with your homely environment and furnishing
New paw prints-they look prettier and more comfortable
New process-hand roll edge for all the blankets
New packaging-they made from environmentally friendly material , which can be reused (replacing disposable packaging).

Thank you for paying attention to Allisandro’s growth, and for the strong support and encouragement. Allisandro wishes you a wonderful day!

Product Features

  • Size: 31×23″/80x60cm, small-sized dogs and cats such as chichiwa and teddy bear. For bigger dimenstions, check the following size.
  • Usage: It can be placed on a pet bed or in a cage to keep your pet warm. It can also be placed on a bed or sofa to keep hair, footprints, and scratches at bay.
  • Quality Material: These super soft and comfortable flannel blankets, super soft and comfortable, cover your pet like a baby. They comply with strict international safety standards.
  • Machine Washable: Washable by machine and hand, easy to wash, holds shape after each wash.
  • Design: Cute paw print adds a sense of style for your pet.

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