Good night, sleep tight. Entomologist lab tested and recommended, Allergy Luxe® Bed Bug mattress protectors with scientifically-tested and patent pending security closures are impermeable to stop the penetration of bed bugs in fabric. 100% polyester microfiber. Machine wash. Lifetime warranty. Imported. A front load commercial washing machine is recommended. Use warm water and mild detergent on the gentle cycle. After cycle run through one or two additional cold rinses to remove any soap residue. Air dry in the dryer or line dry. Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.

Product Features

  • Luxurious fabric protection against bed bugs , dust mites and allergens
  • Encasement help prevent bed bug infestations and safeguards your futon
  • Entomologist tested and certified
  • arm and hammer odor neutralizing technology
  • waterproof – 54 in x 75 in x 6 in 137cm x 191cm x 15cm

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