Give your toddler the most beloved pillow available: The one specifically designed to provide the proper loft and support for a toddler’s neck and head.

All of our pillows are hypoallergenic and can regularly be machine washed and dried.

Each pillow is Made in the USA from the highest quality materials by people who love and care about the work they do. This pillow’s casing is made from a soft white 100% cotton fabric and is filled with the top-of-the-line in hypoallergenic Cluster Fiber, a premium loose-fill polyfiber designed to give both softness and support.

The loft height of “A Little Pillow Company” toddler pillow is approximately 2 inches without weight, then compressing to around 1 inch with a toddler’s head on it. Once your toddler has out-grown the pillow, we have a junior pillow available that is size and loft between the toddler and a standard adult pillow. The ‘little pillows’ also make great napping or travel pillows for all ages!

“A Little Pillow Company” also has separate 100% cotton pillowcases for the toddler pillow in a variety of adorable fabrics.

All pillows and cases are made and sold only by A Little Pillow Company LLC.

LAUNDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash on cold and dry thoroughly on low. Adding a tennis ball or dryer ball to your dryer will help loosen the fiber and re-fluff it. Once out of the dryer, reshape the pillow by grabbing two corners and vigorously thumping it; repeat with opposite corners.

Product Features

  • Size: 13 in x 18 in
  • Hypollergenic & Machine Washable (see Description for laundering instructions)
  • Pillow: 100% cotton soft white fabric casing
  • Fill: Hypoallergenic Premium Cluster Fiber
  • Made in the USA

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