ORANGE TREE TRADE; The Largest Collection Of LED Rope Lights In USA; Commercial Grade LED Rope Light. Cool white LED, with color temperature 7000K to 7500K, emits brilliant cool fluorescent white color. Our LEDs generate very low heat, which prevent fire hazard (arcing) and will not interfere with other electrical and electronic products. It is manufactured by InGaN technology which is trustable and sophisticated, producing the exact white color we expect. Hot spot to install with this length: Walkways, Tree trunks, Hallways, Garage Door Frames, Stairs, Palm Trees, Dancing Rooms, Street Lamps, Arbors & trellises, Playhouses, Backyard Cottages, Sandboxes, Garden Houses, Gazebos, and Pergolas. Our lights are extremely beautiful. 99.5% of our orders ship the next day. Customer Service; or Visit and see twenty colorful LED rope lights; What’s in the Box; 18Ft 2-wire LEDs Rope light, 1 Power Cord with Rectifier, 18 mounting clips, 18 straps, 18 screws; Cool White is often preferred in bathrooms and other task areas. They are great for reading.

Product Features

  • Our Cool White LED with color temperature 7000K to 7500K implies a mild blue tint in the white glow. Cool White is preferred in many applications because the light they output makes items illuminated appear crisper. Cool White is often preferred in bathrooms and other task areas
  • 1-Inch LED Spacing, 3/8-Inch Diameter, Voltage: 120V, LED Life Hours: 100,000Hr, Indoor/Outdoor Use. Our LED emit 2000-2300MCD intense light while consuming as little as 10% of the current draw for a contemporary lighting source (regular Rope Light: 5.5Watts, LED Rope Light: 0.8Watts per foot)
  • Ready to use, simply plug into 120V household outlet. Cool to touch when lit and Flexible and easy installation, Safety fused plug for over current protection. connect up to 200ft
  • UL Listed. LED lamp life is approximately 30 times longer than bulbs used in regular rope light set. The set is designed for low maintenance operation
  • High quality is the cornerstone of our business. Through our Certified quality control process, we guarantee the highest quality irregulars in the industry. We are the Innovator of introducing a wide range of different colors of LED rope light

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